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We study natural resource economics and associated markets.


We present our readers with thought-provoking, actionable ideas to guide their investments and to identify and guard against risk in promoting a sustainable future.

Who we are and what we do


Blacklight Research, LLC is a leading independent provider of research products and services. We gave this name to our company because "blacklight" is a forensic tool that finds clues that are in the public space but hidden from normal sight.


We are a research firm, not an investment adviser. We do not provide any investment advice. We do not manage, hold, or invest funds for clients. We produce knowledge and actionable ideas.


We specialize in natural resource economics, global markets, geopolitics, and strategy. More precisely, we study energy, metals, materials, water, and food markets across their full supply chains and then project how their interplay may evolve into the future.


We are experts in risk. Our research is widely recognized for its high quality, originality, and commitment to impartial, fact-based analysis and forecasting. Our method blends both fundamental and technical analysis. But we find that what clients value most is our talent to consistently pull signal from noise. We ask the right questions at the right time to help our readers peer into the near future. We have the ability to filter massive quantities of disparate information to locate and polish nuggets of commercial insight.


We produce the normal assortment of fundamental and price forecasts for a wide range of commodity markets. We also produce scenario analyses and thematic ideas carefully crafted to prepare our readers for potential risk outcomes that they might otherwise have overlooked.


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